Visa for Brazil


Mile High Visas is a privately owned visa and passport expediting service with over 20 years of experience in this industry. We are not a foreign government, but we are registered with them which allows us to submit applications on your behalf. This is a service that saves you time by standing in government submission lines for you. We offer reasonable and competitive service fees to have one of our professional consultants help you with the needed application forms and requirements to obtain your visa in time for your international trip. Upon receiving your order, we will proof and prepare your paperwork, have one of our embassy representatives hand carry and submit your documents to the embassy, pick up and proof all documents, then ship your order back to you. Using our service will help insure that the correct paperwork is being submitted to the embassy which helps to avoid processing delays and missed departures.


Nationals of the U.S., Australia, Canada, and Japan do not require a visa to enter Brazil for tourism, business, artistic and sporting activities, and may stay up to 90 days.


For tourism, visiting friends or relatives, unpaid participants in athletic or artistic events or competitions, or attendees and/or unpaid speakers (daily allowances are permitted) in conferences and seminars.

For business meetings, participating or be an exhibitor in a trade/industrial conference, flight/ship crew members without an international crew card, or traveling for media coverage and/or film making.