Visa for Cuba


Travel to Cuba now has never been easier. The Cuban Embassy in the USA is now issuing visas to US passport holders, and US permanent residents, arriving by the thousands via direct flights and cruise ships. So why not go now before commercialism takes over? See Cuba as it exists now. You no longer need a license to travel to Cuba, only a visa.

While tourism is still officially not allowed as a reason to go to Cuba, you can enter under 12 different reasons. The most common reason is “Supporting the Cuban People”. This means you will be renting a room in a private Cuban residence, eating at privately owned Cuban restaurants, and shopping at privately owned stores run by self-employed Cuban.

Even if you mark tourist on the Cuban visa application form, you will get a loose-leaf visa that says tourist on it, and is perfectly legal to enter Cuba with it, but you would tell immigration you are there for supporting Cuban people. Below are the requirements to obtain this visa through Mile High Visas. Simply scan and email to us and your order is as good as done! You may also mail or overnight these documents to us.

Visa for Cuba processed by Mile High Visas is good for departing from any airport or seaport within the U.S. territories only.


Applicant who was born in Cuba and left Cuba before 1971, see Requirements for HE-11 Visa.

Non U.S. citizen, check if you are required to apply for a Cuba A1 visa.

Please note the requirements listed below apply to non-Cuban born U.S./non U.S. citizen:

  1. A clear photocopy of the information page of your passport
  2. Visa Processing Order Form
  • Embassy Fee $70.00 per applicant
  • Service Fee
    • ⚬ $49.00 per applicant: 10 business day processing
      ⚬ $69.00 per applicant: 2 - 3 business day processing
      ⚬ $99.00 per applicant: Same day processing
  • Return FedEx $32.00 per address

Email scanned copy of items 1 and 2 to [email protected];


Mail the above requirements to our office at:

    Mile High Visas
    14142 Denver West Parkway, Suite 101
    Lakewood, CO 80401
    Attn: Visa processing

Walk-in customers are welcome to drop off completed application 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. No appointment needed. Please have your application forms completely filled out and all required documents printed out before you come in. Note to walk-in customers.

Visa for Cuba is valid for one entry not to exceed 30 days of stay. The above requirements do not apply to applicant who was born in Cuba.


Mile High Visas is a privately owned visa and passport expediting service with over 20 years of experience in this industry. We are not a foreign government, but we are registered with them which allows us to submit applications on your behalf. This is a service that saves you time by standing in government submission lines for you. We offer reasonable and competitive service fees to have one of our professional consultants help you with the needed application forms and requirements to obtain your visa in time for your international trip. Upon receiving your order, we will proof and prepare your paperwork, have one of our embassy representatives hand carry and submit your documents to the embassy, pick up and proof all documents, then ship your order back to you. Using our service will help insure that the correct paperwork is being submitted to the embassy which helps to avoid processing delays and missed departures.