Passport Renewal


    1. $170.00 per applicant - Passport Book only
    2. $90.00 per applicant - Passport Card only
    3. $200.00 per applicant - Passport Book and Passport Card
    1. $119.00 per applicant - 7 to 10 business day processing
    2. $199.00 per applicant - 3 to 6 business day processing
    3. $299.00 per applicant - 1 to 2 business day processing
    4. Additional $29.00 per applicant for passport card when applying along with passport book
    1. $32.00 FedEx 1 to 3 passports
    2. $42.00 FedEx 4 to 6 passports or overweight package
    3. $52.00 FedEx to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, or Saturday Delivery


  • Can submit your most recent U.S. passport; AND
  • Were at least 16 years old when your most recent U.S. passport was issued; AND
  • Were issued the most recent U.S. passport less than 15 years ago; AND
  • Were issued the most recent U.S. passport that was valid for 10 years; AND
  • Are using the same name on your most recent U.S. passport; or have had your name changed by marriage or court order and can submit proper documentation to reflect your name change.


  1. Your actual U.S. passport. (Passport must be signed.)
  2. Online Application Form for Passport Renewal (DS-82). Select [Submit] under Complete Form Online. U.S. Passport Agency has introduced this online application form which must be used in all expediting cases. Failure to use this online application may cause delays in processing time. This online application has replaced "Hand Written" applications, YOU ARE NOT APPLYING ONLINE you are only completing the questions by typing them onto the application. The last page of the application is a Print Summary page. Scroll to the bottom left corner of this page and CLICK CREATE FORM you will then be able to print your application.
  3. Two passport type photographs. Click here for Passport Photo Requirements.
  4. Two copies of Letter of Authorization with original signature. This is a form letter authorizing our company to process your passport request. Letter of Authorization must be handwritten, not typed.
  5. Passport Processing Order Form.
  6. Flight itinerary is required for processing. Failure to do submit itinerary will cause significant delays.
  7. Fees listed above. You can total all the required fees and pay us in one payment.

Please send the required documents via a traceable service such as FedEx or UPS to:

Mile High Visas

14142 Denver West Parkway, Suite 101
Lakewood, CO 80401
Attn: Passport Processing
Tel: (303) 339-0223

Walk-in customers are welcome to drop off completed application 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. No appointment needed. Please have your application forms completely filled out and all required documents such as flight itinerary printed out before you come in. Neither a public computer nor a printer for walk ins to use. There may be a printing fee if excessive printing is needed. Note to walk-in customers.